ExpenseShare 1.3 Now in the App Store

ipadPlusiphioneExpenseShare 1.3 adds some great new features which make it easier than ever to document shared expenses and share the details with your friends.

ExpenseShare 1.3 makes it easier than ever to record spending as it occurs:

  • Calculate tips: use the new Tip Calculator to enter the base amount of a restaurant or other bill, and let ExpenseShare figure out the tip and the total amount to pay and share.
  • Make your own categories:  Use the category editor to make changes to the built-in categories, or add your own and select an icon from the icon library.  *
  • Document your spending by location:  ExpenseShare offers a great way to document your travels by attaching locations to transactions.  Use the built-in map tool to add location coordinates and address to transactions.  Choose locations directly on the map or search for places by name.  *
  • Add notes to transactions: Now you can add any additional information you need to a transaction via a free-form note that is included in the reports you send to your group.
  • Help overlays: Now you can get quick help on most forms by tapping the help icon.

ExpenseShare 1.3 also makes it easier than ever to share information with your group:

  • Activity Details Report: This new report puts all the information you need in one place: detailed transactions, a summary by participant, and a summary by category.   *
  • CSV Export:  Need to do your own reporting or analysis of your truncations? Now you can by exporting to Excel, Numbers or other programs that accept CSV (comma-separated value) format files.  Just create a CSV export and select an app or send by email. *

Features marked with a “*” are available in the full version only.

Download today – get ExpenseShare with basic features for free, or get the full version to get all features and to be able to add unlimited activities.  ExpenseShare Free is a great tool all by itself, so give it a try!

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