Release History


What’s New in Release 1.7 (June 27, 2017)

Release 1.7 includes a number of enhancements requested by users, including:

  • Images and Notes are now supported in the Payments tab.
  • Sharing can now be done automatically across a subset of participants.
  • Daily expense totals are now shown in the Spending tab.
  • Participants can be imported from existing Activities
  • New “Spending by Location” view in the Summary tab.
  • New Map report.
  • Activities can now have an optional Budget amount.
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

What’s New in Release 1.6.1 (Sep 13, 2016)

  • Supports iOS 10

What’s New in Release 1.6 (July 26, 2016)

Release 1.6 is focused on the iPad:

  • Supports iPad split screen modes (swipe from the right to split the screen between ExpenseShare and another app).
  • Adjusts text sizes to use the user’s preferred font size.
  • New Settings option to add exchange rates automatically.
  • Merging of transactions now handles merging of updates to existing transactions.
  • Handles negative transaction amounts.

What’s New in Release 1.5 (Sep 9, 2015)

  • Supports iOS 9

What’s New In Release 1.4

The focus of Release 1.4 is on sharing, exporting, and importing Activities:

  • Share an Activity with your other group Participants via email, AirDrop or via export to a shared folder on Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Merge transactions added by others in your group when they send your Activity back to you.
  • Import and Export from any iOS document provider – iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.
  • Archive Activities that you don’t want on your menu, and restore any time.
  • Move Activities from one iOS device to another using export/import through iCloud or another document provider.
  • Upgrade from the free version to the complete version using an in-app purchase.

What’s New in Release 1.3

Release 1.3 offers major enhancements to make it easier to track spending and report out to your group:

  • UI enhancements, including new color scheme and new treatment of participant photos
  • User-defined categories
  • Tip calculator
  • View transaction on map
  • Add location and address to transactions by searching or direct map location
  • Add notes to transactions
  • New Activity Details report gives a summary of totals by participant and category, in addition to transaction details
  • Export to a spreadsheet (.csv format)
  • Help overlays

What’s New in Release 1.2

Release 1.2 adds a number of features to make ExpenseShare more helpful and easier to use:

  • Simplified navigation.
  • Swipe to move between transactions.
  • Attach photos to Activities and Participants.
  • Add Participants from your Address Book.
  • Add an optional email address to Participants.
  • Add optional start date and end date to your Activities.
  • See additional information in the Summary: see local currency amounts for transactions, rotate to landscape orientation to see more information, see a bar graph of spending by category.
  • Email the Summary: when viewing Participant details, touch the action icon at the upper right to email.
  • Settle Up: see who owes whom, and automatically record the payments needed to settle the balance for each participant.  Specify an optional Banker to have all payments go through one person.

What’s New in Release 1.1

Release 1.1 expands multi-currency support:

  • Get exchange rates online.  When you enter a transaction in a currency different than the default currency for the Activity, you can now touch the Get Rate button to fill in the current exchange rate from
  • Expanded list of available currencies: ExpenseShare now supports 29 of the most-used currencies.  Send feedback if you need one that is not currently supported.
  • Edit your currency list.  In settings, choose Edit Currency List to select the currencies you want displayed during transaction entry.

Release 1.0

Initial version.


Easily track shared expenses in any group activity – a vacation, club, shared rental and more.