ExpenseShare 2 User Guide


ExpenseShare 2 is the new version of ExpenseShare, the app used for tracking shared group expenses since 2014.

ExpenseShare is a tool for tracking spending that will be shared within a group of participating parties.  It has a flexible system for defining a default arrangement for how expenses are shared, but allows for customization of this on a transaction-by transaction basis.  It also keeps track of who owes money, and who is owed money.  It supports a number of useful features, including multi-currency, filling in details based on geo-location, and attaching images to transactions.  It is easy to use, and entering a transaction can be as little as entering an amount and payee.

ExpenseShare is designed for use by a single record-keeper within the group, which allows data to be kept within the iOS device.

We are committed to making ExpenseShare the best app for tracking shared expenses.  If fhere are capabilities that would make the app more useful for you, please let us know!

Migrating from ExpenseShare to ExpenseShare 2

Using the Document Browser

The Activity Tab

Tracking Spending

Tracking Payments

Getting Reports and Other Information


Tips and Tricks

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Easily track shared expenses in any group activity – a vacation, club, shared rental and more.