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Settings and Other Functions

Settings are accessed by tapping the  Menu button in the document browser or the Activity tab.

Default Currency: Choose the currency that will be used as the default for future trips.  This setting can be over-ridden when you set up a trip.


Currency List: Choose the currencies that you use — only the chose
n currencies will be shown on menus, but you can always search for currencies instead of choosing from the menu,  To update the list tap the Edit button, then select currencies from the Available Currencies list to move them to the Active Currencies list.  Or select Active Currencies to remove them.



Receipt Report: Choose how many rows and columns to fit per page in the receipt report.

Get Online Rates Automatically: if this is enabled, online rates are obtained whenever transactions are added.  If online rates are not available, the most recent cached rate is used.


editCategoryListCategory List:  This function can be used to add, delete or change categories.  Select a category to make changes.  Tap Edit to  change the list:

Tap DeleteIcon to remove the category.  Categories that are in use in any trip cannot be removed.

Tap AddIcon to add a new category.

Drag the reorder icon to move the position of a category in the list.

editCategoryWhen adding or editing a category, enter a unique name and choose an icon from the icon library.

If you don’t see an icon that meets your needs – contact us and we’ll consider it for the next update.

Send Feedback: Select to send us an email.  If you see any problems or have a feature you’d like to see in a future release, let us know!

Rate This App: If you like ExpenseShare, please give it a rating – it is the best way to make sure others will have the chance to use it!

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