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Setting Up and Maintaining Activities


In ExpenseShare, an “Activity” is any single event that you are tracking.  An Activity could be a vacation, a special occasion, a dinner or sporting event, or even an ongoing club or shared activity (see Tips and Tricks for more on this).

Use the Activity tab to add new Activities and manage existing Activities.

Also use the Activities tab to export, import, or share an activity with someone else.  See Sharing Activities for more on this.

ActivityListEditMode View details for an existing Activity: Tap the Activity in the Activity List.

Edit details for an existing Activity: Tap Edit at the top right of the Activity details.

DeleteIcon Delete an existing Activity: Tap Edit at the top right of the Activity List, then tap the Delete icon next to the Activity to delete.

ReorderIcon Reorder the Activity List: Tap Edit at the top of the Activity List, then use the reorder icons to the right of the Activity List to reorder.

AddIcon Add a new Activity:  Tap the New Activity button at the bottom of the Activity List.  To set up a new Activity, you’ll need the following information:

ActivityLongName for the trip.  This is what you will see in all menus and reports.


Start Date / End Date (optional).

Currency.  You can set the default value for currency in Settings.  For more information on how to use multiple currencies, see Tracking Spending.

Participants.  A participant can be an individual, couple, or group that is one entity when sharing expenses.  Add a Participant from your device’s Contacts list, or enter details manually.  Specify a short name (10 characters max) which is used on screens and reports, a long name, and the share of expenses that this participant should be allocated.  You can also add an optional photo and email address for emailing information.

Photo:  Add a photo from your devices photo library, or use the camera to take a photo to attach to the Activity

More about shares: Shares are the heart of ExpenseShare.  If an Activity has 3 participants with shares of 1, 2, and 1 respectively, then there are 4 shares total, and participant 1 would have 1 share of 4, participant 2 shares of 4, etc.  Having “1 share of 4” simply means that this participant will get a default allocation of ¼ of spending.  This default can be over-ridden on individual expenses.  The sharing arrangement can be changed at any time, including adding participants.  Spending that uses this default sharing will be adjusted automatically.

Easily track shared expenses in any group activity – a vacation, club, shared rental and more.