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Settings and Other Functions

Use the Settings tab to enable premium features, edit currency and category lists, and other settings.

settingsLongUpgrade to Full version:  Select to connect to the App Store to view or purchase the full version of ExpenseShare.  Purchase the full version to get the complete capabilities of ExpenseShare, including:

    • Add an unlimited number of activities
    • Lookup payees by location and tag transactions with location
    • Lookup online exchange rates
    • Add user-defined categories and customize existing categories
    • Enhanced reporting
    • Export to spreadsheet

Default Currency: Choose the currency that will be used as the default for future trips.  This setting can be over-ridden when you set up a trip.

Receipt Report: Choose the image size for receipts in the receipt report by changing the number of rows and columns per page.

editCurrencyListCurrency List: Choose the currencies that you use — only the chosen currencies will be shown on menus.  Simply select a currency to enable or disable it.  Currencies currently in use in any trip cannot be disabled.  Tap Save to save changes, or Cancel to undo all changes,

When installed, ExpenseShare uses a default set of most-used currencies. New ones can be added using the Currency List editor.

Note; ExpenseShare currently supports about 40 currencies.  If you need a currency not currently supported please contact us and we will add it.

editCategoryListCategory List:  This function can be used to add, delete or change categories.  Select a category to make changes.  Tap Edit to  change the list:

Tap DeleteIcon to remove the category.  Categories that are in use in any trip cannot be removed.

Tap AddIcon to add a new category.

Drag the reorder icon to move the position of a category in the list.

editCategoryWhen adding or editing a category, enter a unique name and choose an icon from the icon library.

If you don’t see an icon that meets your needs – contact us and we’ll consider it for the next update.

Send Feedback: Select to send us an email.  If you see any problems or have a feature you’d like to see in a future release, let us know!

Rate This App: If you like ExpenseShare, please give it a rating – it is the best way to make sure others will have the chance to use it!



2 thoughts on “Settings”

  1. Can you include a time zone feature? Traveling in different time zones changes all the dates when working owing IOS. Of course I don’t know if this is the IOS problem.

    1. You raise an interesting point. Transaction times are always shown in the local time of the phone, which means that if you enter the transaction in one time zone and then move to another time zone the time shown will look different. You might enter a transaction at 8PM in New York, then travel to Chicago and that same transaction will show at 7PM, which is 8PM in New York. You can manually change the time zone on your phones by going to Settings -> General -> Date and Time to see the times with the time zone you want. I will look at adding a time zone to the transaction in a future release. If I did that, transactions would still be sorted the way they are today, but the time displayed would show me local time when the transaction was entered.

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