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Sharing Information With Your Group or Across Devices

ExpenseShare is all about tracking shared expenses – so naturally it has many features for communicating with your group:

Send an Activity to others in your group who have the ExpenseShare app.  This is the best way to share information, because it allows your group to see all details interactively.   To start, go to the

Share by email, AirDrop, or export
Share by email, AirDrop, or export

Activities tab, select the Activity you wish to share, and select Export / Share.  From here, select:

Mail – send as an email attachment.  The attachment will open in the ExpenseShare import page (see below).

AirDrop – if your recipient is close-by, you can send wirelessly via AirDrop with no network required.  The ExpenseShare import page will open on the recipient’s device.

Export to a cloud provider – upload to a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.  This requires that the service is installed on both your device and the recipient’s device.

Copy to one of your other devices:

ExpenseShare does not (yet) support syncing across devices, but you can use the Export / Share button to copy an Activity to another device that you own.  Send by Email or AirDrop, or export to iCloud or another file sharing service.

Importing Activities:

Activities you receive by email or AirDrop will automatically open in the ExpenseShare import page.

Import froIMG_1726-2m a cloud provider: touch the Import button at the bottom of the Activities list.  This will open a list of available providers – select one and choose the Activity to import.

ExpenseShare will show a preview of the Activity to be imported.  Touch the Info  info button to see more details.

Import and Merge Transactions:

When importing an Activity, ExpenseShare will detect if the same Activity already exists on your device.  For example, if you send an Activity to your group and they send back updates, ExpenseShare will detect that the Activity they sent back matches the one on your device.

Import and merge
Import and merge

Import: will import this as a new Activity.  This may result in two Activities on your device with the same name – if so you may want to change the name of one of them to avoid confusion.

Import and Merge: ExpenseShare will add any NEW transactions from the imported Activity into your existing Activity.  If the transactions reference new Participants, Categories, or Currencies, ExpenseShare will add those as well.

Merging an Activity will not change any Activity details such as start date, end date, description, etc.  It will also not change any existing transactions.

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