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Using the Activity Tab

Opening an Activity in the document browser brings up a detailed view of the Activity and actions you can take.

Change Details: tap this to change things like the name, photo, description, budget, start and end dates, and participant list.   ExpenseShare allows adding and removing participants even after expenses have been entered, and it will re-calculate sharing amounts automatically.

Settle Up:  tap this to see a list of who owes money to whom.  Either select a banker so that all payments go to or from one person, or allow ExpenseShare to recommend a scheme.  Select one or more rows and touch Save to create payment transactions for you.

Participant details: tap any participant to see a list of their transactions and amount owed.  Tap the share button on the participant details page to send an email with details.

Spending by category or location: tap on a category to see details, or on the map to expand it.  To see the map you’ll need to geo-tag your transactions – see Tracking Spending.

Sharing Information With Your Group or Across Devices

ExpenseShare is all about tracking shared expenses – so naturally it has many features for communicating with your group:

Send an Activity to others in your group who have the ExpenseShare app.  This is the best way to share information, because it allows your group to see all details interactively.   To start, go to the

Share by email, AirDrop, or export
Share by email, AirDrop, or export

Activity tab, tap the  menu button and select  Share or  Export.  The options available will vary depending on what is installed on your device.

Mail –  send as an email attachment.  The attachment will open in the ExpenseShare import page (see below).

AirDrop – if your recipient is close-by, you can send wirelessly via AirDrop with no network required.  The ExpenseShare import page will open on the recipient’s device.

Export to a cloud provider – using the  Export option you can upload to a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.  This requires that the service is installed on both your device and the recipient’s device.

Share Across Your Devices:

The easiest way to share across your devices is to create your Activity in iCloud Drive or another storage provider such as Dropbox.  When you do this your Activity will be be available on all your devices, and changes will be sent to all devices.

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