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Reports tab: Creates PDF reports that can be viewed or shared.  Tap the share button on the upper right to email, print, Airdrop, or open in another application.

R4-Activity DetailsActivity Details: Provides a single report that gives a summary by participant, a summary by category, as well as transaction details (see Details By date, below).

Details By Date: Lists all transactions for an Activity.  In this report, Payments are shown with the “From” participant in the “Paid By” column, and the “To” participant in the “Shared By” column.

Details By Participant: Lists all transactions that a selected participant was involved in.  Use this report to provide details to each Activity participant, including their current balance.

Receipt Images: Shows the image, date, description, and amount for each Spending transaction that has a receipt image loaded.

Map: Shows geo-tagged transactions on a map.  Locations are approximate in order to minimize over-lapping of transactions.

Export By Date: creates a comma-separated-value (.csv) file for import into a spreadsheet.  Export By Date produces an export with one row for each transaction and columns for each participant. Exports can be emailed or opened in any program that supports it, including Excel and Numbers.

Export By Participant and Date:  creates an alternate format of comma-separated-vallue file which has one row for each participant in each transaction.  This format is useful for creating a database or pivot table within Excel.

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